16b6c489c08c44773415dc792267cbebI’m not even sure how long Aiyana has been talking. I catch myself absentmindedly nodding along. Hopefully she hasn’t realized my attention span was anywhere but on her. The women I have known don’t tend to admire that quality in a potential partner. Potential partner? Ok, not there yet. As I begin to gain some focus, my eyes clear, zoning in on her labret and the fullness of her lips. The labret is the same simple silver ball, her lips are however bare today. She wore a deep blood red lipstick the night we met. Now, today, natural. She is actually wearing hardly any makeup at all. I definitely prefer this natural look. I always thought that a woman who can be breathtakingly gorgeous without makeup is someone you’re not going to be afraid to wake up next to.

“What do you think?” Her question hit me like ice cold water on the nipples, awake now. Instead of sitting there with a blank stare pretending I had heard everything she just said, I was honest.

“I’m sorry, I kinda drifted off there for a minute. I’m sorry.” I learned awhile ago it is just better to be honest and clear through all the bullshit. Plus, I spent so many years as a selfish lying user, a lifestyle change was in order. Aiyana was not upset with my lapse of consciousness.

“That’s totally understandable. It happens and I kind of sensed you might have something on your mind.” She spoke the sentence kindly and with care.

I did begin to question her intentions though as she grabbed my right leg just above the knee as she spoke. My first response when she did it was to look around, like I was cheating on someone. Dee was nowhere around, she had left a while ago. Why the hell am I thinking of her? Ok, go away bad thought. Can’t think of that shit again. Besides, I have this gorgeous woman sitting here with me. She wants me and I’m getting pretty tired of fucking myself. I’m getting limited on things to think about and porn is even getting stale.

Anyway, with everything that has been going on I could use a good lay to decompress. I don’t want to think of Aiyana as only a piece of ass but we didn’t even speak to each other when we met and just attacked one another.

“Do you maybe want to come over to my place for a little while?” There was not a blink of her eyes as she spoke. Her eyes growing darker and more mysterious. Dumb question really I thought. I’m totally up for it unless she has some creepy “Beanie Baby” collection. I’m sure she doesn’t.

Her apartment was tidy enough. A few things out of place, a couple dirty dishes, laundry strewn about the couch. The place not dirty just a tad unkempt, which I like. A hint of outward imperfection has always been beautiful to me. I make my way over to the couch. It is a pleather type material, nice but if anything happens I don’t want to do it here. Nothing more embarrassing than your bare ass sticking to furniture when you’re trying to be sexy. She has changed into a more comfortable wardrobe of jeans and a simple white t-shirt. She wanders into the kitchen, her hips are definitely talking to me as she walks away.

“You want something to drink?” She asks, being the polite hostess. For a moment I picture her totally naked, only a white apron on with the words “fuck me now” written in dark red. Focus!

“Water would be great, thanks.”

She let’s out a subtle hint at a giggle. I quickly realize she knows nothing of my past and water may seem an unusual request. Well, I’ll save that for another date. Not quite sure though if this is a date but more a booty call.

As she sits down next to me and hands me the water I notice she has  water as well. Awesome I think, a form of mutual respect regardless if she knows or not. We sit next to one another, so close I can feel her left shoulder against my right. The moment seems to stand still and I fear she can hear my heart preparing to explode from my body.

I barely part my mouth to speak, she turns to me and places her hand in between my legs near my knees. As she touches me I splash a bit of water from my cup and onto my pants. She ignores my foul and looks into my eyes, almost through me. She is attempting to sense my willingness. It doesn’t take long for my body to scream yes to her.  She has already placed her own cup of water on the table and does the same with mine. Before I can even let my next breath out, the sweet softness of her lips are upon mine. Her hand begins to move slowly, almost deliberately slow. As I can feel the firm grasp of her hand move up my thigh she parts my lips with her tongue. The moist warmth of her tongue pulsates right through every part of my body, the most intensity being felt in my sudden swollen clit.

I’ve tried playing it cool up until this point but fuck it now. I grab her hips and she instinctively knows my wants. Quickly she straddles me, her hands wrap around the back of my neck. At this point our breathing has quickened. I almost feel I could cum at any moment. My breathing even more intense as I take my hands and grip her hips firmly, gently thrusting her back and forth against my pelvis. As she moves against my body her kisses become even deeper, harder, she bites my lower lip and sucks. She moans as she bites down on me. Her hips begin to move faster and the procrastination must stop, because we clearly can not. She rips the shirt from her body as fast as she has removed my own. Our bras being removed are just a blur.

I begin to think back to the problem of my bare ass sticking to the couch. Not wanting any embarrassing accidents happening, no fucking way, not now. I’m strong, she is petite, I take a chance. I stand up taking her with me, my hands grab hard onto her ass, her legs wrap tightly around me. She let’s out a long moan, breathy, into my ear. My skin tingles as I feel her wet mouth against my neck. I carry her to the bedroom and stop at the foot of the bed. I can now feel the firmness of her nipples against mine. As I lay her down she has already begun to unzip her pants. Fuck, she isn’t even wearing underwear this time and completely void of any hair. I peel her pants from her in a fashion mocking that of a table cloth being pulled from a table without spilling the plates. She is so swollen at this point that nothing can hide, nothing is left to the imagination. I grab the inside of both of her knees and spread her apart gently, opening her up to me, I see her lips bloom. She can feel even more, the more open she is for me. I can see that she is wet, she drips against her ass onto the sheets. I want every last drop, I want to swallow every last bit of essence from her.

I kneel down in front of her, her pelvis moving up and down steadily and slowly in anticipation. My tongue and every part of my mouth find her swollen clit. I can feel her throbbing against the soft tip of my tongue. I must have all of her wetness, heat in my mouth. I begin to suck the entirety of her clit, even more rigid now. She grabs the top of my head with her right hand and pushes my mouth even deeper into her.

“I need all of you inside of me!” Most breath taken from her at this point, the energy still apparent in her command. I am more than willing to accommodate any of her needs.

Who’s Dee?

Manic Expose Chapter 7

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