ER-care (2)Beep…..beep…..beep. Talk about a monotonous fucking job, especially this damn task. Well it’s a job, I think with disdain. “I’ll keep this cashier job at the South Market until at least I can afford to move into a place of my own. Shit, maybe Twat would move in with me and share the rent and stuff? God, where the hell has she been?”

“Speaking of the devil. How the hell are you?” I just realized I had been talking to myself the pretty much the whole time. Well that’s what has kept me sane, well level at least. Twat is just giving me a half cocked look.

“I’ve been around, you know.” Twat half smirks with an evil grin. “You must have been pretty deep in thought. You didn’t even realize it was me in your line.” She giggles some.

“You’ve been around? Well, it explains the neoprene gloves and coconut oil.” I smirk my own evil grin.

I finish checking twat out. She bags her own things. Maybe she’s afraid I might jinx her little sex kit with my bad vibes or something and doesn’t want me touching the stuff. Twat would do such a thing cause of some sex superstition. She tries to never let anything ruin her conquests of the female persuasion. As she finishes bagging the last of her things, the last item, popsicles and I don’t even want to know, she asks if I’m going on a break soon. My line is starting to fill up so in a hurried stammering sense I tell her in about ten minutes. She mentions she’ll be waiting outside. A few minutes later, Christy, another cashier comes to relieve me for my break.

“So still smoking the cancer sticks?” I sarcastically undertone my dislike of Twats smoking.

“Fuck you Burgess. You know you’re borderlining on being one of those douche reformed smokers.”

“Jeez Twat, just giving ya shit.” Half lie. “So what’s up?” I ask with a little concern on my tongue.

“It’s nothing bad but I know you’ll have some sort of smartass opinion so just let me finish before you nail into me.” As Twat is telling me this she is slightly laughing. I’m not sure if it because she is nervous of my reaction or cause, well, she’s a smartass as well. “I’ve kinda met someone.”

“Twat you’re always meeting someone.” Yep, I’m a smartass dipshit.

“Burgess, damn it, like I said. Can I just finish before you start in on me with your douche bag comments.” Twat is a most definite irritated butch of a woman at the moment.

“You’re right, I’m sorry.” My thoughts tell their disdain to me. Burgess….shut the fuck up!

After a drawn sigh Twat begins again. “I’ve met someone and I think I may be in love.” I know Twat can see my mouth begin to part. Her tone again irritated. “Uh,uh,uh god damn it, wait or next time I’m just walking away. This is important to me. I’m being fucking serious. Ok, she’s my age, no kids, she’s bisexual which is not even an issue. Shes a student studying Criminal Justice at the University. I, we, were, were gonna get married. Ok, now your turn Burge, you go.”

I don my serious mode. “First the way you mentioned the whole bisexual thing, did you think I might have a problem with that? Many of my best lovers have been bisexual, you know that. Anyway, she sounds like your type. The only thing I am concerned with is how much both of you still don’t know about one another. Does she know how many women you have been with? I would think that is something she should probably know.”

“I have told her and she has said it is in the past and doesn’t change how she feels about me. If I don’t have a problem with her having slept with men then I don’t know why she would have a problem with the amount of women I have been with. I don’t see her having a problem being with a reformed slut.” Twat gives me her classic big toothy smile. I can relax a bit now.

The smartass can now come out of me. “Well I would rather be a reformed smoker than a reformed slut.” Our laughs are contagious together.

Our boisterous laughing is cut short, the assistant manager comes out to tell me my break is over and that my mom is on the phone. He’s a fuck bag dick.

“Yeah mom, what’s up? I told you not to call here unless it is important.”

“It is. I guess the hospital has my number as the last contact from Dee. They found it in her records and you are listed as the emergency contact. They wouldn’t tell me what was going on. Pat, they are trying to find her next of kin…….”

I didn’t even wait, the phone was hung up before she could even finish the last few words. I ran into the back employees area to grab my shit and let the manager know a friend is in the hospital and I have to leave.

“You haven’t worked here long enough to take any time off. Finish your shift or you’re fired.” His tone is full bore asshole, douchebag, heartless mother fucker.

My parting words only, “I hope you find that level of zen in your life that keeps people from telling you, fuck you!”

As I run out Twat is still outside in her car. I run up to the drivers side door out of breath and scaring the shit out of her.

We get to the hospital. My heart still pounding, I walk quickly to the front desk. Almost incoherent

“Deeandra Espinoza she’s been admitted.”

The nurse behind the desk calmly asks, “Ma’am are you family and what is your name?”

I said the only thing I could think to say. “I’m Pat Burgess, she is my wife.”

“Ok ma’am just give me a moment to find out what is going on.”

It feels like hours waiting for the nurse to return with what I hope is good news. I notice a doctor approaching. Now my heart has practically stopped and my hands begin to sweat.

“Are you Mrs Burgess?”

“Yes ma’am, what the hell is going  on?

“We have Deeandra stabilized at the moment. She has suffered a head injury and has multiple fractures to her body. We have her in an induced coma.”

The last few words become fuzzy. My eyes glaze and my knees buckle.

Fade to black………

Manic Expose Vol. 2 Chapter 4

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