16b6c489c08c44773415dc792267cbebDee has been staying at my mom’s place with me for about a month now after her long enough stretch in the hospital. Mom ended up dropping the charges against me for “stealing” her Buick. In between babysitting my mother during her drunken bouts and blackouts, I’ve been helping Dee. During all of it I still have managed to land a pretty cool job, “Bushes Landscaping.” I love the manual labor and the pay is decent enough. One of the perks is garnishing a sexy farmer’s tan. God, it’s amazing where my mind can go when I’m on the can. There’s a subtle knock at the front door. God damn it! Pinching it off in the middle is never fun. The new issue of “People” will have to wait as well. Quickly yet thoroughly I wipe my ass. Hopefully it’s not mom stumbling home drunk from the bar and having forgotten her fucking keys for the millionth time. As soon as I open the door Twat rushes through and gives me one of her famous bear hugs lifting me about a foot off the ground.

“Where in the hell have you been Twat? Have you heard?”

Twat lets go of me and places her hands on her hips. She dips her brow in a deep worry.

“Man, yeah I’ve heard. God, is Dee ok? Are you ok?

“Yeah were fine. Dee is doing much better. She’s downstairs. She’s here until she completely heals up. It’s not good for her to be couch surfing being all beat up and shit. Not that she could. Hey, where’s that girlfriend of yours? What’s her name?”

“Burge, Debbie is out in the car. Wasn’t sure if I should bring her in or not with everything going on. Oh, by the way, she’s my wife now.”

I have never since I have known Twat, seen her smile so damn big that it even blocks out the sun itself. It even made me smile and feel, as much as I can, what she is feeling. Her whole demeanor is soft and gentle. Wow, I think I may be seeing a change in Twat. I couldn’t be happier for her.

“God damn! Congratulations! I’m really happy for ya man. Well fuck, go get her. I need to meet the woman who has settled your skeezy ass down.”

As Twat turns to get her wife I step out onto the porch in anticipation. In all her chivalry, Twat opens the door for her beloved and puts out her hand to help Debbie up. At first I only see her hair. A red so brilliant with tints of gold. Her eyes meet mine and I can see the emerald sparkle from them even at the distance I am from her. Her skin is fair, so pure. Man, I guess there really is a God to create something that beautiful. What the hell am I doing? No, no, no, you’re not thinking anything about Twats girl. She’s just beautiful. And who doesn’t want to look at that. Anyway. Twat walks up onto the porch holding her hand. I extend my hand out to her.

“Well, it is finally nice to meet you Debbie.”

Debbie smiles a most elegant earthy smile and tells me the same.

“I hope anything Twat has told you has all been good.” I say bashfully.

Debbie looks me right in the eye in the most sarcastic tone, even better than Twats, and gives me a hint at what Twat could have been telling her.

“I wouldn’t exactly say it was all good but that is all up to perspective, but mine is usually right, maybe not all good.”

She definitely has a sense of humor and I definitely don’t want to know what it is that Twat may have told her. I take them into the house to go see Dee. Dee’s not looking anywhere as bad as she had but she is still sore and still can’t remember too much of what happened. As always though, the most beautiful woman. What the hell was I thinking? What the hell is going on inside of me?

“Hey Dee, guess who’s here to see your lame ass?” I come in all giggly trying to pull off my best Jim Carrey.

Twat knows she can’t give Dee her customary bear hug so she just nestles in beside her and kisses her on the forehead.

“Love you bro. I’ve been scared to death about ya Dee.”

“Nothing to worry about. I’m doing awesome, and plus I’ve got the good stuff.”

There is an uncomfortable pause in the room. Finally Twat introduces Dee to Debbie.

“Wow!” Dee’s eyes grow a little larger. Yeah, I agree with Dee on that one.

“Hey guys I don’t mean to jet so early but we are apartment hunting and we have an appointment to go look at one in about fifteen minutes. I wanted to make sure to stop by and introduce Debbie to you but mostly to make sure everyone was doing ok.”

“That’s fine Twat. Were all good here.” Dee’s voice calm and devoid of any kind of pain.

“Twat, Debbie, I’ll walk you guys out.” I feel the gentlemen right now and like it as usual on the days I feel like my man self.

“Naw man, that’s cool we know our way out.” Twat winks at me. Twat the butch is back. We’ve always had this unspoken competition of the cocks between us. I simply laugh to myself. As they leave I yell to them.

“Dumbass, come around more often!”

I can’t see Twat but I imagine her flipping me off. I go and sit down on the bed next to Dee.

“How ya feeling?”

“I’m good Burge. Just a little sore.”

“Hey Dee, when you were in the hospital just waking up, you called me Pat. Why did you do that?”

“I don’t know. I barely remember it.”

At that moment the walls begin to trap me in. My pulse hurries, my hands begin to sweat. The pressure that builds in my chest gets heavier. I know this is the beginning of a panic attack. Dee notices and sits up. She rubs my back and tells me of beautiful things. How the grass smells after it has been cut, the buzz of a humming birds wings, the splash of a waterfall as it makes love to the still waters below. She has always had the touch to calm me down from a panic attack. My breathing and pulse slow, my hands dry and the monster inside my chest runs away. I am acutely aware once again that it is just us. We are yet again in an intimate moment. At least it feels intimate to me. As my thoughts struggle of the moment Dee leans into me from the side and softly kisses me below the ear. Ok, I think she feels it too.

7be06b21763685e8c5435c01ebe62c5e (2)Oh god, we can’t do this again. Before I am even aware if I really want to do it, she places her hand on the side of my face. The hazel in her brown eyes grabs onto me. We kiss. Her lips and tongue start on my lower lip. I don’t kiss back just yet. I want the silk of her tongue and the warmth of her mouth to take mine into her. She parts my lips with hers and I can feel her tongue, moist and delicate enter my mouth slowly. I close my mouth around her tongue and suck gently. I need to taste everything like it will be my last time. I think it’s going to happen, I can’t stop it, and I don’t want to stop it. I want her, I need her, all of her.

I place her upon the bed with my chest. My arms lower her strongly. We are still engaged in our kiss and I feel her fingers find for the edges of my shirt. A bit hurried she pulls my shirt off and her body slows again. I pull her shirt up just to above her breasts. My fingers of one hand search for her erect nipple and I rub her gently, hardening it more. I kiss and play with my tongue upon her other nipple. Her pinked bump like velvet I feel grow harder in my mouth. I feel for her shorts and run them down her legs and off. Her legs are strong and I long to have them wrapped around my waist as I thrust against her clit. My fingers find their way to the floods that have run between her thighs. I exhale deeply realizing I had held my breath for a moment, for mere wanting to hold onto the moment.

I enter her and feel her wetness slide between my fingers. Her eyes close and I kiss her lips again. She moans into my ear and places her hand on mine. She tenses her grip upon my hand and pushes my fingers deeper into her. She wants me to know that she is ok, she wants me to know that she wants me. Brilliant embers fire from my heart and spread fiercely into my shoulders. Her body begins to move with mine, she breathes with me. I want to tell her as we embrace closer.

Morning comes and I can feel the light of the dawn swim across my face inviting my eyes to open to it. Squinting some I however can see clearly that Dee and I are still naked. She is partially lying on top of me with her head buried under my chin. My arms hold her close to me. I realize we have stayed in the same position since falling into one another after making love. Dee soon opens hers eyes as well.

“Shit!” I shoot up out of the bed. It has dawned on me that I might be fucking late to my new job.

“Burge, what’s wrong?”

“Shit, shit! I think I’m late to work!”

I quickly get dressed and begin to feel awkward. I know I have to say something. What I want to say, I just can’t. I just spill out something of a neutral topic.

“Hey, I’ll see you later today Dee. The number to the site is next to you.”

“Wait, I just wanted to tell you before you leave; that I love you Patricia.”giphy-facebook_s.jpg

No one has called me by that name since my father left. Dee finally speaks the words I have prayed to hear from her. A tear falls from her eye. I walk over to her, I lean over and gently kiss her on the cheek where the tear has fallen. She holds my hand as I smile at her. As I turn to walk away her hand slips from mine, leaving the room, I don’t look back.

To Be Continued……………….

Manic Expose Vol. 3 Chapter 1

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