March 8, 2016

Suicide Watch

Teenage-Psych-Ward_Art-300x225Counting the naked ladies in paint on the ceiling

Shitty fucking plaster job

Peeling from the edges

I imagine the bevy of beauties

Undressing among me

The peeled paint their discarded clothes


White, white everywhere

Four walls of fucking white

Sheets white

Thoughts of white noise


The steel bars upon the window keep no light out

Their shadows penciled against the walls

The light solace from the ghosts

The light breaks me from the mind

Breaks me from the quiet


The people dressed in white do the rounds

Their flashlights I see

Coming from down the hall

Beacons that call from the crack in the bottom of the door

Instinctively I shut my eyes

They don’t like you awake

After lights out

The world is supposed to end

My mind ever present


My roommate rumbles for a bit in bed

Asleep but plagued with the demons

They keep her awake

She rarely sleeps


I hold many scars upon my body

One more has landed me here

I hate this hotel on the psych ward

I forever find my way back


They never really want you here

You’re not human amongst the white

The walls of white

Them in white

Another weak body and mind taking up a bed


Suicide Prevention Lifeline

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  1. Very melancholy. The words paint a perfect picture…”the light breaks me from the mind….” Beautiful and haunting.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ve written of this white perfection from the other side as well. It’s hard to understand from the wrong side of the door. You’ve written it well.

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