She pulls into the barracks11911136693_469d3e37d0_b

geriatric BMW of shit

oh well, piece of shit I don’t have


no wheels

only bipedal transportation


combat boot heavy tired feet


my battle buddy since basic

both of us stationed in Germany

she was about an hour away

I lived within the wine valleys

Bad Kreuznach


first outing since our permanent party home

one destination tonight




my town only surrounded by pubs and bistros

you can take your fill in drink

not so much in dance


tread on cobble stone

vibrations felt amongst the seats

exciting of sorts

the bubble pop sound soothes


we drive for miles

an hour passes

more miles

nowhere to dance

fucking nothing

wasted night


bump, pound and technoimages10

strut felt within the interior

metal from the decrepit BMW

a conduit for the music’s manic vibes


we hear the dance music

sexual and violent

passion inducing

S and M fuck inducing


god damn it


light everywhere


red and pulsating


a lively place of just a few blocks

there’s action

people move with intent

their purpose sometimes destructive

their destinations known


they all want beer


and other


upon the last swallows of clear drinks

brown drinks

hard drinks

they slovenly wipe their mouths of drool

appetites of glory and destruction rage in their eyes


my comfort level diminishes

new city

couple blocks of city streets filled with humans

human flesh but monster eyes and devilish macabre


Susie and I have sat for a beer

fine German pilsner, fine medicine

I can’t finish my own tall stein

getting nervous

a couple of monsters from the other side of the bar stare

blood shot eyes


I tell Susie

I motion with my queasy eyes of their geography

she stares but with flirty lust

her pupils dilate

she adorns a half crooked smile



Susie liked to fuck

fuck a lot

and fuck she did

time to leave

she was annoyed with my cock block


we start down the street

I really just want to get to the safety of the car

red lights flash from windows

people hang like drunken ghosts near the doors

we hear the sound of an angry sex melody

last chance to dance

I just want to dance

Fuck the insecurity


The club is upstairshqdefault

we walk with a mission

a couple of dudes with fuck on the mind follow us up

we come to a narrow hallway

3 rooms on the right

3 on the left

Some doors closed

loud music pumped through speakers floods the hallway

curiosity pulls upon our collars

down the worn out carpet hallway we investigate


I see the first woman

she is totally naked

totally fucking naked

she lies upon the bed

holding her upper body up with her elbow


I’m horrified

I’m embarrassed

my hands begin to sweat

my mouth goes dry

those nasty dudes behind us waiting

Susie wants to check more of them out

Susie likes women too

Susie likes to fuck

a lot


time to really leave

dancing is not going to happen tonight

for a while, a long while

we start down the street again

our shoes upon the cobble stone street don’t soothe like the tires


we stumble upon an elderly man

made so it appears from mainlining anything he can get

I’m sure his years like his veins have seen a lot of shit


He greets us with a moan and two needles

two needles in his fucking arms

I didn’t know people shot up with two needles

A dedicated addict

we are all dedicated addicts

masochistic with our demons



inside the car


it hugs

we go


stopped at a red light

it turns green

I like green better than red

I really don’t like red anymore

We pull left on the green arrow

I see the car hauling ass





the tires pop and the window splinters


in our search for dance

we found techno angst

the evils of a red light district

a lost soul shooting H

the pop of blown tires

and bruised bodies


I don’t like the color red



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