spider-door1A Friday night and we have just finished the movie Friday

a ritual of sorts

drunk on a Friday

time to get more drunk

time to do some stupid shit


Halloween weekend overseas

Single GI’s

the working lower enlisted

medics in need of solace away from the blood

away from STD week


against Army regs

the captain invites all to party

at her house

us enlisted mingle

amongst the butter bars and brass

we talk of war stories

good times back home

places where we all have roots

places some of us have escaped from

mine an exodus from the rape and pillage

of mind and body


tonight no downer stories though

simply intoxicating laughter

and embarrassing moments


all adhere to some decorum

as much as the GI alcoholic can perform in mixed company

self-restraint from guzzling from the beer tap

shooting Jager shots proved difficult

no escaping the Jager

sergeants can drink brass under the table

sergeants piss over the heads of merlot sipping butter bars


Squad leader pounds them back

he mixes the beer and liquor

round a circle we talk of wives, pride of being single

we speak of the nights’ plans


the retched sound

the brown putrid waterfall

splash amongst the brand new carpet

captains living room fills with puke stench

efforts of holding back our own projectiles of dinner

Squad leader had some mac and cheese


the party is over

we decide upon home

a piece of ass will have to wait

tonight’s gluttony of alcohol proved enough


we ride home feeling well

all fucked up

wasted but walking



we head for the doors of the barracks

I almost make the journey of a few yards

my adventure stops amongst the flag pole

empty of our stars and stripes

I pulled flag duty earlier

puke upon the pole

chunks of undigested pizza roll down cold metal

everyone laughs

someone else pukes on the barracks door


good night

good times

and we still have Saturday




















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