May 11, 2016

My Kind of Prom

disco ballI never went to prom

but in all its difference

this prom would be my prom


met the prettiest girl

she worked in a shop

across from mine

shirts or something

I remember her short blond hair

how occasionally she would

glance over my way through the glass

tonight though she was not the shirt girl

but my friend and date


I had not graduated high school and even if I had

I never would have gone to prom

had a couple of friends who went our senior year

they were so awesome

I remember them wearing torn fish nets

and combat boots



tonight I opted for something more reserved

I had never worn a fancy dress

my friend was a senior

she would be attending that

old fashioned type of prom for her high school

she would pick me up

after her brief appearance

in those days’ discretion was how you lived

I was honored in any case

no one had ever asked me to go to a kinda prom

more honored she wanted to share that night with me


I was delicate with my makeup

eye shadow



even blush

I went all out

I wanted to do it right

and with the prettiest girl

It had to be just right

I donned the perfect classy evening gown

hand me down from the sis

but it worked

I felt pretty


about 10 she arrived at my house

she was beautiful

I couldn’t measure up to her

but I didn’t even care

I wouldn’t mind her as my date any night

in blue jeans and just a t-shirt even


we jumped into her vintage hatchback mustang

headed to the all women’s dance

blue building and a disco ball

seedy strip club next door

it was perfect

because I was with her


we walked through the doors and all eyes stared

together we did look beautiful

I didn’t want to leave her side

not because I was afraid someone would hit on her

but because she made me feel good about myself

and being me with the pretty girl was ok

I just hoped she wouldn’t notice how sweaty I was

the beautiful ones always made me nervous


I don’t remember too much of the night

I remember the car

dancing to a few songs

her hands around my neck

bluest eyes I ever wanted to get lost in

Nine Inch Nails playing in her hatchback Mustang

and a kiss I hoped would last for days


*Dedicated to my first and only prom date and one of the hottest, Chandice Knapp









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