Boots1we walk restless amongst ourselves

not the others

that person on the inside

the one we can’t feel

or find a fullness with

we seek boundaries from the wakeful people

having failed

our own boundaries

our limits

we feel safe


 we look into mirrors

hard masses

that move throughout days

twisted minds

no dance

escalator walks of boredom to no where


with discord and dark

we fidget

we fancy isolation

in hipster


and trashy garb


we are beings of clay

with melting smiles

wishful immortality

but seeking other lives


we reach in the stench of nights

begging for windy songs

birds that ride within the dark


punk appeal cute

kicks to brick walls

we bounce fame from has been stories

and the soggy ends of fags

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About PJ Secluded

Introspective writer working on first manuscript. Writer of original series, poems, musings of sorts and the occasional manic prose. My main blog is an original series seen through the eyes of the lesbian protagonist Burgess. With her brood of studs, they conquer fear and tragedy, embracing love and the experiences between close friends. I have been writing for just a little while now and found a true passion for it. I want to help others through my writing discussing sensitive issues that affect the LGBTQ community in a unique fashion


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