October 11, 2016


it was faggot this and faggot that

in the hallways he would roam

the fingers all pointing at him

he was this and he was that

the faggot


at home alone tonight

mom and dad out

he pecks at the keys

and wipes the tears from his eyes

he leaves a last note

for all to see




a forever good bye

no more tears to shed


they taunt her

and they call her whore

she must be a cheater

since she loves both the girls

and the boys

in the restroom

she cries

she is not so alone

as she washes her hands

they approach from behind

they push her down

fade to black

from this nightmare she won’t be coming back

in her pocket a note


            “I need you to watch your brother so straight home after school.

              I love you my baby girl. Love Mom and Dad.”


for the first time in years

since her birth and the death of that name

she walks in confidence

she knows herself

she looks ahead

all the things that are possible

all she will do

she straightens her long dark hair in the rearview mirror

she never sees them approach

they grab her

they pull at her

the glint of a blade

there’s no more ahead


they party and dance

all a good time

music loud as they bump in rhythm

everyone together

all as one

no strangers’ tonight

all love

with all friends


some relax while

others drink

merry is all around

kisses on the lips

lovers press together close


the man approaches

no one of the know

shots ring out

many don’t notice

as the first fall

panic ensues

the floor spilled with blood

and the room echoes of sobs

cell phones start to buzz in all the macabre


I love you

I am worried

please call

call the second you get this

please be ok

what’s going on

I am on my way






















Join the conversation! 2 Comments

  1. So good, and deeply sad. I believe it’s worse these days, thaks to social media, than it was even when I was in the poem. The last verse grabs the heart.

    – esme upon the Cloud

    Liked by 1 person


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