October 27, 2017

Second Floor

cropped-bxzg1632.jpgnarrow passage to the room

decayed walls

putrid litter

of things with wings

and battered legs

mold covets between

muddied tiles

decoration is destructive


shadows illuminate the wasted faces

puzzled maniacs

Crayola girl hums

of a thousand blinks

and stares of the dead ones


locked in a room with no mirrors

the lights off

my own shadow disgusted

I bite the covers

walk naked amongst the voices

light bleeds through the slit in the door

dirtied feet in silence


musty and sweaty

smell of chaos

dusty clothes and dead skin

pulse in my ear

waves of loud silence

dancing white noise


ridiculed thoughts

the savory

of mind friends

that float amongst the dark

the beast is numbered in the dust

under the bed they creep

they claw against tendons


greasy hair against pillows

scars still ooze


death lives on the outside

the inside

buried in ashes

and malevolent memories


useless banter

random falls

humiliating deeds

piss and vomit pool

in the cracks







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About PJ Secluded

Introspective writer working on first manuscript. Writer of original series, poems, musings of sorts and the occasional manic prose. My main blog is an original series seen through the eyes of the lesbian protagonist Burgess. With her brood of studs, they conquer fear and tragedy, embracing love and the experiences between close friends. I have been writing for just a little while now and found a true passion for it. I want to help others through my writing discussing sensitive issues that affect the LGBTQ community in a unique fashion


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