img_8990Writer of original series, poems, musings of sorts and modeling myself into art. Dark humor is sometimes the best humor.
My main blog, Burgess and the Brood is an original series seen through the eyes of the lesbian protagonist Burgess. With her brood of studs, they conquer fear and tragedy, embracing love and the experiences between close friends.
Content within my blog, the stories and even artistic mania can only be explained as going from corny satire, romantic erotica, to offensive humor. Cant leave out the many ramblings of subjective thought and random reviews.
I have recently had an awakening that has sparked even further creativity and have found a love of turning myself into my own art form. I have been writing for a few years now and know that I have found my passion in life. I want to help and inspire others through my writing and art, discussing sensitive issues that affect the LGBTQ community in a unique fashion. #TheFear
“Embrace what they told you is crazy and dream it out loud” PJS

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