PJ speaks publicly about suicide prevention and the unique struggles of growing up LGBTQIA.
Writer of original series, poems, musings of sorts and modeling myself into art. Dark humor is sometimes the best humor. Content within, the stories and even artistic mania can only be explained as going from corny satire, romantic erotica, to offensive humor. Cant leave out the many ramblings of subjective thought.


“Embrace what they told you is crazy and dream it out loud” PJS

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  1. hey thank you for following me! I really appreciate your follow, great job! 😉

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  2. Check out my friend http://www.theblahpolar.wordpress.com
    I think you will enjoy her blog as she examines LGBTQ issues frequently and is insightful

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  3. I saw you at the march in Saturday. You took a picture of my kids hold big flags. I would love for a copy of that picture.

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