you reached for me
I surrendered my life in that moment

  The sizzle and pop of the embers on a torch The first star that blinks in the horizon One exhale of strength, the flames lick higher Revolution of will in the world and the stars shine high     Photo: Campfire Under the Stars Aaron Spong

damn, she had some legs

“I don’t want to fucking kill myself, but if my damn mind could stop for even a minute. When I’m fucking sleeping and damn especially when I’m awake, then maybe I could handle more shit.”

My story of how I found love online may seem the cliché with the immediate U-Haul departure but the story is of tragedy and triumph in the journey.

It’s hard not to get swept up in eyes that dance with your own. A heart that skips a beat when you touch her and a kiss that last for days afterward.

Exposed skin matches the soul